Dr. Kimberly Harden is a motivational speaker, consultant, and professor. She is passionate about inclusion, justice, leadership, collaboration, care, and transformation. She developed her signature Dream. Plan. Do.™ program to encourage and empower others to dream big, create an action plan, and share resources. In fall 2019, the Dream. Plan. Do.™ Workbook will be available on Amazon.com and Dr. Harden will launch the Dream. Plan. Do.™ Scholarship at Seattle University.


Dr. Harden is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and keynote speaker. She advises corporate, nonprofit, and academic leaders on their recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion strategies and works with them to resolve interpersonal workplace conflict. Dr. Harden also serves as a professor in the Department of Communication at Seattle University. Dr. Harden has spoken at conferences, seminars, and events including Ignite Seattle’s Education Lab, One Woman Fearless! Summit, the International Women & Leadership Conference, and the Rise to the Occasion Women’s Conference.


Dr. Harden received her undergraduate degree in Communication from The University of Washington, a master’s degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Concordia University. Dr. Harden agrees with Aristotle’s assertion that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Since she is defenseless against The Cookie from Metropolitan Market, Dr. Harden also agrees with Bobby Flay’s claim that “Cookies are sort of the unsung sweet.”

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